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.@dustinpari Thanks! You know we've always got your back. Except for maybe when the ghosts show up...-7 hours 5 min ago
.@MidWPRH You'd better believe it! He's our trusted expert when it comes to scary-good smells.-7 hours 14 min ago
.@dustinpari is it elves or something else? We may need you to investigate the source of our paranormal freshness. hours 27 min ago
.@GiggleMomster It's more than okay, we highly recommend it! Serenity is only a sniff away...-11 hours 2 min ago
RT @morgarito: When your blanket smells like delicious laundry detergent and you just want to float away on a pillow of lavender vanilla cl…-1 day 9 hours ago