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Must have coffee. Probably shouldn't have stayed up so late. Tonight we'll #TuckInTurnOff w/ Downy, so tomorrow we feel great.-44 min 31 sec ago
@couponmamacita it's your bedding not the laundry room that matters. ;) Wishing you #SweetDreams.-5 hours 12 min ago
@brittany_willey @tide It's hard to resist a home that's #DownyFresh. :)-5 hours 12 min ago
@TashaBranham @tide @BounceFresh We couldn't agree more. A good nose, knows. :) What's your #Unstopable combination of P&G products?-5 hours 12 min ago
@mom321 Speaking of dreamy, have you tried our new Sweet Dreams Collection? We think you'll love the sweet scent of lavender. #SweetDreams-5 hours 12 min ago