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We know #AprilFresh is your favorite. How would you describe the smell to someone who’s never experienced it? (We know, it’s tough!)-1 hour 14 min ago
@BalabustaMom That's what we're here for. What's your favorite #DownyFresh scent?-19 hours 46 min ago
@annoyed_patriot Welcome to the fresh life. Now that you're #DownySoft maybe you'll be less, annoyed. ;)-19 hours 46 min ago
@vanhoosed We might have a new campaign idea on our hands, Diana. #SweetDreams.... Smells like hugs feel. :)-19 hours 47 min ago
@SaraiE_CYCO @tide Saraie, everyone deserves to be #DownySoft, that's why we created Free and Sensative. :) #StayFresh-19 hours 47 min ago