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@ItstheTrooth Uh oh. That doesn't sound right. Call us at 1-855-236-3353 (available M-F, 9AM - 6PM EST) and we'll help you out right away!-4 days 14 hours ago
.@_tomlinsocks_ We can be your hero, baby...we can wash away the stains -6 days 14 hours ago
@katyladydaily Oh no, we're sorry about that ☹ Please call us and we'll fix things up right away: 1-855-236-3353 (M-F, 9AM - 6PM EST).-6 days 14 hours ago
@arrant_annachy Thanks so much, Anna! Glad we could provide some inspiration.-6 days 14 hours ago
@1D_OFG We agree! -6 days 14 hours ago